Oh Happy Day!

Coming out of Turn 4…

Whew—it was a wild one yesterday down in Daytona. Speedweeks definitely was memorable. With all the talk of cheating, the last several days it was nice to everything end on a good note.


Yesterday’s race was definitely one for the ages. How many of us were sitting on the edge of our seats and willing Mark Martin to the front of the pack? I for one was keeping one eye closed and one eye open. If thousands and thousands of fans could will a car to Victory Lane, Mark Martin would be this year’s Daytona winner, but as well know this isn’t the case. As you tell, this was a very close finish.

For me it is bittersweet…I really thought Tony had the car to win yesterday and so did everyone else, but it wasn’t meant to be. I am not upset at Kurt Busch. Tony’s car got loose and moved up the track and Kurt tried to avoid, but there was no where for him to go. It was a racing deal. If Kurt had checked up harder, he would have had a rear end full of his little brother. Plus it might have taken out other competitors. I have to give Tony his props for coming back up through the field after the speeding penalty he received. But this is just the first race of the year, remember there are still lots of racing to be done.

I can’t say that I didn’t smile just a little when the defending race winner and current defending Nextel Champion crashed out of the race. It wasn’t a good day for the HMS camp. I know I should harbor ill will, but I just don’t like Jimmie Johnson. It still hurts my ears to hear him called the defending Nextel Cup Champion. Ugh…enough already. Just in case you missed the crash…here’s what his car looked like. I guess the boys in the body shop will be busy this week.

I have to give out an award to Mr. Clint Bowyer. He is given the “Doin’ It With Style” award. Clint finished the Daytona 500 on his room and on fire. After ending up in the infield, he managed to finish right side up. I was glad to see Clint climbed from his car.

Finally, I have to comment on Mark Martin for just a bit. I was excited he was able to challenge for the win at Daytona this past weekend. There is still a lot of racing left in him. I would also have to say Mark is a classy guy. This is why is respected by the racers and fans. You know he really would have loved to have the victory, but he was satisfied with it all. I am sure in his quiet moments he thinks about what might have been, but he would never come out and just blast NASCAR. This is the type of person we should all inspire to be. Could Mark have done any more to get across the finish line before Kevin? I don’t think so. Mark was trying to hold off Kyle B. and didn’t see Kevin coming up the outside. Kevin had quite a push behind. Once Kyle wrecked, Mark lost his pusher so to speak. I don’t disagree with NASCAR’s decision of when to throw the yellow. I was glad to see they allowed the drivers to determine the win. With that being said, I think if it had happened in say Turn 2, the yellow would have been thrown immediately. I don’t even know if the caution had been thrown Mark would have won. It would have all been determined where they were on the last scoring loop.

I would also like to congratulate Jack Sprague and Kevin Harvick for their victories in the Truck and Busch races respectively.

Well…California here we come!!!

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