Ho Hum

Coming out of Turn 4...

I thought today’s race would match up to yesterday’s. In my opinion the Busch race was way more exciting to me. I loved the last lap, Mr. Burton going to the high side to pass Mr. Kyle Busch for the win. I have never been one to mixed my words about what I think of Mr. Kyle Busch, but yesterday was different. Last year we saw Kyle throw his Hans device at Casey Mears for some racing thing. I thought how unprofessional that was and how childish, but yesterday I saw a different driver. Coming out of turn 4 it was obvious Jeff was going to make a run on Kyle. From the vantage point of my recliner, I saw Kyle try to defend his position and try to win. His car got loose and bumped Jeff and then Kyle went spinning across the finish line to capture 2nd. I can say I was whooping it up when Jeff won. I just knew Kyle was going to get upset. But then when I saw Jeff B. drive down looking for Kyle and then Kyle shake Jeff’s hand and congratulating him, I was impressed. I must say Kyle gained a little respect from me. Of course we all know how the media wants to visit with drivers after a “meet and greet”. From the interview he wasn’t mad at Jeff, he was frustrated at himself. That was it. I can’t say I will join his fan club, but my opinion of him as changed just a little. Kudos Mr. Busch.

And now onto todays’ race…hard tires…new track…made for a fun day for the drivers. Earlier in the week Tony complained about the tires and the track. For me his concerns were something I just dismissed. We all tend to complain about things we don’t know about. I have been guilty of it myself. Tony finished third in the Busch race and seventh in today’s race…not too bad for a track Tony was too thrilled about. I believe once the track has had time to cure in the desert sun for a year, it will be a little different next year when the boys return to Sin City. One word to the media if you ask Tony his opinion he will give it to you.

Several drivers didn’t even have a chance to get their tires warm before they were in the garage. Ward Burton got caught up in a crash early that’s to the “driving skills” of Robby Gordon. I was hoping Ward’s day would have turned about better for him. Elliott Sadler looked good. He ran up front for several laps and I was hoping he was going to challenge for the lead and win. He finished 14th.

Mark Martin finished 5th today. That is his 3rd top five finish this year. He is STILL leading the points. Will he race at Bristol or will he take that Sunday off? Only time will tell. I for one enjoy watching Mark race this year. The pressure is off and he can just race. That’s it. That’s what Tony was doing in the last ten races last year. He was just racing.

I loved the Kasey Kahne All-State Insurance commercial where he was pulled over for “speeding”. Very funny. At least his car was destroyed. Are the ladies now stalking Elliott Sadler too?

I feel like I have forgotten something here in this post…what could that be??? Oh…Jimmie Johnson won the race.

4 thoughts on “Ho Hum

  1. I also thought Kyle handled himself well yesterday. I was impressed.

    Who won? Yeah, I don’t know that guy. lol

  2. I agree with you on many things here, about Kyle, about the difference between the Busch and the Cup races, and about your favorite driver, who is also my favorite driver. In fact, my post on the weekend was similar to yours. Do we just think alike, or could we be the same person? Wait a minute…I’m a guy, so that can’t be.

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