March Madness

Coming out of Turn 4…

It begins….the Men’s NCCA Basketball Tournament. My Red Raiders (a 10th seed) return to the tournament this year after missing last year. They are up against Boston College (a 7th seed). They are in Winston -Salem, NC. Too bad I wasn’t able to get tickets and make the trip. Oh well, I will just watch them on my 42′ HD Plasma TV. I believe the Red Raiders can challenge the Eagles. Tech plays in the Big 12 and this conference isn’t the easiest to play in. The Red Raiders did beat the Kansas Jayhawks and Texas A&M (twice–in Lubbock and College Station). Plus they are coached by, in my opinion, one of the greatest college coaches of all time–Bobby Knight.

This is probably the only time of the year that I am obsessed with college basketball. I love watching those underdog teams beat up on the “big ones”. There is always that game that breaks everyone’s brackets. I mean how many people chose George Mason last year to make it to the Final Four? Postman didn’t. His brackets last year was busted the first day. And then who doesn’t love CBS “One Shining Moment”. Good luck this year Postman!

I am the next two days off from work so I will be able to watch basketball. Good Luck everyone–Do you have your brackets ready?

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