Coming out of Turn 4…

I have to admit I didn’t watch much racing this weekend. I saw some of the truck race and some of the Busch race. Congratulations to Mike Skinner and Jeff Burton!

Ryan Newman was able to grab the pole for the race today, but had to go to the back because of an engine change. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed in the morning. I didn’t see much of Newman after that. The race was green for the most part. The first crash didn’t occur until Lap 230 with a little meet and greet with David Reutiman, Greg Biffle, Kasey Kahne, and Brian Vickers. Other than that the cautions were mainly for debris and a oil (Riggs blew a motor). It looked like the race was going to come down to fuel mileage and a last surge by “that other home-improvement store” driver. But dang it…one last yellow. Tony got a good pit stop and a good restart, but that “other driver” was a coming. I was hoping they would make a great finish with Tony being victorious. That “other driver” passed Tony because well he did have the better car. But from this fan’s point of view, Tony got a little “squished” and thus was not able to challenge for the lead. That’s all I ever want from racers–a clean race. That’s it. Oh well…what goes around comes around as I always say.

Mark Martin leaves Atlanta as the points leader. I don’t think he will race next weekend at Bristol. He is going to take a much needed vacation from racing. But of course you just never know.

Speaking of Bristol, next week we will the much anticipated debut of the Car of Tomorrow. I am interested to see which teams will be on top of their game with regards to the COT and who will be left behind.

I didn’t know I had so much NASCAR stuff until I had to pack it up today. Postman and I are moving to a better place. Right now we live below some very rude and annoying people. They have no respect for all of their neighbors. They were reported for noise violations their first weekend in the complex. They DON’T want to compete with me with regards to noise. I have a 42 inch plasma TV with surround sound. I have been known to CRANK IT UP during NASCAR races. Because Postman and I are working on our adoption, we have to move some of our NASCAR items to storage. I know it is sad, but I am only talking about my Jeff Gordon things. Those are the ONLY items headed to storage. You didn’t think I would put my Tony or Postman’s stuff in storage. I have priorities, and I have PRIORITIES.

2 thoughts on “Again?

  1. Ooh, I live in a converted-to-apartments motel–been there for nine years–and for some reason they like to movethe all night partiers in next door to me.
    “Let ’em be Jim’s neighbors,” they apparently think, “He’s quiet and never complains.”
    I don’t think Bristol’s the kind of track where the COT will make a lot of difference. I could be wrong, but I think it will be a track where aerodynamics is more important to see what change the COT brings to racin’

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