March Madness

Coming out of Turn 4…

March Madness is upon us this weekend and I am not talking about the NCAA Basketball tournament. I am talking about the Car of Tomorrow’s debut at Bristol. All the talk about the COT will be on display this weekend. I am somewhat interested to really see how the COT will do at Bristol. Bristol is one of those tracks that is sometimes is not forgiving to a car. I have to be honest I am not a fan of the design of the car, but what do I know. If the car will provide for more exciting racing sign me up. There are tracks where the cars get so spread out that I change the channel–yes I do that and I am not the only out there who does it either. What I don’t want to happen is for the COT to cause more cautions. The more cautions the more air time those pesky announcers have to chat it up about things we as race fans already know about. I will hold judgment on the COT for now. Who knows we all may like it after this weekend.

Now on to this weekend…I love short track racing. The beatin’ and the bangin’, tempers flarin’…who could forget the Matt and Jeff meet and greet and the subsequent pushing incident of 2006? There was even snowfall at last year’s spring race. I can understand how tempers can flare in a place like Bristol. A 1/2 mile track with 43 cars racing in what is literally a cereal bowl. Bring on it I say…bring it on. Of course there will be one thing missing at Bristol this weekend…Mr. Mark Martin behind the wheel. I really wanted to see Mark racing at Bristol this weekend, but alas he is taking a break from the circuit to focus on the things he wants to do. It is a well deserved break for that crazy old man. Watch out though…he will be back to race at Texas.

I did get to catch a little of the round ball last night on CBS. I watched the A&M/Memphis game. It was a pretty good game. Neither team ran away with the game and each of them had a chance to win. And it does pain to say that I wanted to see A&M win only for the fact that it was a team from the great state of Texas and they represent the Big 12. Kind of like NASCAR…even if your driver doesn’t win, a teammate can win and you are ok. A&M had the game at the end, but they made mistakes by not making crucial gimme shots (Acie Law IV missed an easy lay-up) and not rebounding. And that is why Texas Tech beat you twice in the regular season. Gig that A&M! Kansas also had a scare as well with Southern Illinois, but Kansas prevailed. I didn’t watch the late games, but I went to bed seeing Tennessee up on my Buckeyes by I think 15 points at the half. But when I saw the Bottomline on ESPN Sportscenter this morning, I saw that Ohio State had won. They must have called up a proctologist because the Bucks pulled that one out of their asses.

This weekend will be busy for me..packing up things, watching the round ball, and of course racing at Bristol.

Good luck Tony and race that “Flying Brick” as you call to victory!

One more thing…from “Fox’s “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” question that was missed last night…it is a 1st grade geography question…”What continent is also a country?” I know the answer do you?

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