Home Boy Takes Dega

Coming out of Turn 4…

WOO HOO!!!! Way to represent!!!

I would have loved to seen Smoke win, but I have to say I was very excited to see the Texas boy, Bobby Labonte cross the finish line first today!!!! That’s 1…2…for Kevin Harvick Incorporated!!!

I didn’t get to watch much of the race today with moving into new digs, but I took a break and watch about the last 40 laps of the Busch race today.

While at the old digs I saw Kyle’s wild ride. I have to give him style points. Sliding on the roof for some distance, losing a tire, lots of sheet metal, flipping and finally coming to end right side up with his car afire. It is amazing how a driver can walk away from such a dramatic crash like that.

I apologize for not commenting about Phoenix and Tony’s comments. I for one feel he should have gone to the media center after the race last Saturday night. It’s part of your job. There are things about my job I really don’t like to do, but I do them. He has a valid argument about debris cautions. It may be just a coincidence of when they fall during the race. I don’t believe NASCAR would purposely throw them just to be throwing them. Tony has a right to speak his mind, but there are times I am wondering WTF? Tony has been somewhat vocal on a few things this young season. Tony will comment on something because that’s what he feels at that moment. He will get crucified in the media and everything calms down. I think last week, he just wanted to keep his mouth shut, think about things, and then comment. You know the old saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”. Of course…he did speak up on his radio show on Tuesday. Tony’s frustration has set in. He has had some great running cars and for whatever reason has crossed the finish line first. Last week’s race was great. Tony and Jeff going door to door to the end. Unfortunately Tony finished second. It was a gutsy call by the #24 team. We all know if could have gone to the crapper.

I don’t know if Tony will lose fans over his comments. I am sure he has Smoke Nation all abuzz and wondering what is going on. If he loses fans fine. I for one believe a true fan sticks with their driver through the good and the bad. You don’t just jump ship when things are going the way you would like them to. Tony will speak his mind, fly off the handle and say and do things he regrets. We have all done them and we regret them the minute we do them. As a Tony fan, I accept this is the way he is. I don’t always agree with everything he says or does, but I will support him anyway. What’s my theory on Tony? He has started to eat healthy, has regular exercise, and a steady girlfriend. I for one know when I can’t eat all the fun food I enjoy I get a little cranky. Keeping a daily exercise is hard work…and sometimes can be grueling. I don’t know what to make of the girlfriend angle. Just some thoughts…

I was impressed with Jeff Gordon’s tribute to Dale Sr. last weekend at PIR. I have been listening to quite a bit of NASCAR on Sirius and I have heard nothing but positive things regarding the “3” flag. Jeff knows what Earnhardt meant to not only his life but to NASCAR. He wanted to honor him–plain and simple. And what a classy move on Junior to congratulate Jeff on tying his father. I am not a big fan of Gordon, but he is one of the best drivers in NASCAR. You don’t just win 4 championships without some talent behind the wheel.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s Cup race. I will still be working on moving into the new digs, but it will be last final push to the finish. Just a few more boxes and cleaning job and I will be done! I WILL NOT MISS TOMORROW’S RACE!!!

Happy Birthday to Postman! His birthday was Friday, but we won’t celebrate until Sunday!!!

PS…Cingular DOES NOT make a RAZR cell phone that can survive a washer and dryer.

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