View from the Pit Box

It’s been crazy times lately. I have somewhat off the radar for most people. It’s just who I am sometimes. It’s the way I work through things. I have been keeping track of “my other man”. Whew…and he is wearing me out. But that’s Tony…speaking his mind.

I would like to address those fans who feel the need to throw beer cans onto the race track. I have to say I am glad you were arrested and will not be allowed to purchase tickets for yourself. I know you can get others to purchase them for you, but still you might think twice about your actions next the time you attend a race. I am sure you are just as passionate about racing as I am, but there is a difference between you and me, I don’t throw things onto the race track. I have respect for my fellow fans sitting around me at a race. I was not happy at the last race I attended at TMS. I ended up sitting around some not so nice fans. I felt sorry for the family in front of us with their two sons. This was the first race together as a family. What must they have thought when they left the track? I have a high tolerance for bozoes because that’s just me, but about this family? Do you think they will think twice about bringing their sons to a race? That’s a shame. I got a few minutes to chat with them prior to the start of the race and they were very nice people. I would hate to see these future NASCAR fans be turned away from the sport by a bunch of hooligans actions. I like taking my cooler into the race. It saves me from having to overpay for food and drink at the races. If you have even been to a race, you know how “close” you are to fellow race fans. It is not enjoyable when every 20 to 30 minutes people around you have to get up and get some refreshment. I hope the Talladega 14 get the message as well as the others who didn’t get caught that day. I don’t want you at the races. You can stay home and watch the race from your sofa. You can throw beer cans at your tv and have a grand old time.

Congratulations to Jeff Gordon on passing Dale Earnhardt Sr. I am sure if Dale Sr. was here today he would have been one of the first people to congratulate him in victory lane.

Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson. He was Postman’s pick this week for his driver draft. Hey…sometimes it’s about the win. With today’s Johnson, Postman has picked three winners. Harvick at Daytona…Gordon at Phoenix…and today’s race winner Jimmie Johnson. Way to go Postman!

Hey Hendrick Motorsports…whatever you have can you pass it out and share with the rest of us?

Since NASCAR is moving to a new COT, why not me? I have made a name change to my site. Trixie’s Trailer Park is the new View from the Pit Box. I hope I don’t get banned from NASCAR for making a name change. It’s the same place with the same content, but it’s just a new name.

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