Someone hit the record’s skipping again

For those of you out there who remember…the record is stuck and keeps repeating. Someone go bump it so it can play the next song.

Once again, HMS won. This time at the hands of Jeff Gordon. Postman picked Gordon again this season. Last year if my husband picked some he was known as the car killer. This year, the exact opposite. It must be Gordon’s year. He was overheating and spewing hot water and yet the damn thing managed to hang on until it was over.

What’s up with Denny’s pitcrew? Isn’t this the second time a SNAFU on pit road has cost Denny a victory? He was clearly a dominate car in the field yesterday.

We get a break on Saturday from points and the championship. Saturday is the All-Star Challenge. No points, just pure racing! Can’t wait! Did you vote? I sure did…I am voting for Kenny Wallace. I didn’t vote in my local election, but I am voting.

News flash…teams are considering hiring team meteorologists. After two Saturday night rainouts, teams don’t want to take any chances with the All Star challenge.

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