Charolotte Mania

Last weekend was interesting to say the least. Here are the highlights.

Crew chief race was funny…guess Kyle’s crew chief took some pointers from Kyle?

Qualifying for the All Star race was interesting..way to go Killer Bees! Now that’s a way to make a pit stop.

Congrats to Newman’s crew for winning the Pit Crew Challenge.

The Open was exciting. Montoya got a little excited and took himself out along with a few others before they could even complete a lap. I thought Carl was going to run away with it, but here comes Truex and Sauter. Sorry Carl, but better luck next year. You didn’t do too bad as a pit reporter though. Hey, if that racing gig doesn’t work out…

Way to Kenny “The Shy One” Wallace for getting voted into the race. It was nice to see someone I voted for get win.

The open’s new format was ok. I am glad they didn’t have the invert. I don’t like it. I did like the 4/20 lap segments and the final pit stop. Do you get tires/gas/or just do a stop and go? Made for some interesting action in the pits. I really thought Matt had the best chance to win, but that old speeding gremlin got him.

Way to go Kevin! I am so glad you beat that other home improvement driver. I am so sick of them saying it’s his house. Enough already.

But for the biggest highlight and the one that got the most cheering in The Park was when Kyle took out his own brother Kurt. I guess when you are racing for a cool million all bets are off. I think I would take out my own grandmother for a million dollars.

Announcement of the week: COT will be the car of next year. Starting with the 2008 season the COT will be full time. The COT has grown on me. I think it has brought some better racing. They seem to be a little durable than the old car. Those who were spoiled by the aerodynamic car of right now seem to struggle while those who can drive anything (Tony) are doing pretty good.

Dale Jr. Lottery Update: Just still lots of rumors…nothing substantial to report.

Penske: Has the pole for the big races on Sunday. Both Newman and Busch will start in the front row Sunday. Looks like the Penske team may have turned the corner. They have had some good runs lately.

I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful happy Memorial Day weekend. Please take time out this weekend to remember those who are serving, served and ultimately gave the biggest sacrifice of all. Those are the ones we need to say “Thank you” to you this weekend.

Happy Memorial Day!

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