You Can Never Get Enough

I got up early to clean my house on Sunday so that I oculd have the rest of the day to enjoy the racing that laid ahead. Just as I do every Memorial Day weekend, I take a moment or too to remember what Memorial Day is all about. I say “Thank you” to those who have served and are still serving to protect my freedom. Once again I want to “THANK YOU”.

I sat down to watch the 91st Indy 500. I love the pagentry of the whole thing. I am hoping to attend an Indy 500 some day. I have a list of races I want to attend in my life time and well Indy is at the top of the list. This year’s race was somewhat historic, there were 3 women in the race. I was saddened to see Jim Nabors was unable to attend Indy to sing the traditional “Back Home in Indiana”, but he is getting up there in years. The race started off great. And then the rains came. I for one was not too happy. How long the delay would be was a serious concern? I mean I had this all planned out. Indy would be finished and not cut too much into the NASCAR coverage. But sadly the rain kept falling. Finally, they got Indy underway, unfortunately the rains came again. Congratulations to Dario Franchetti! I would have loved to seen it a complete race, but sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t always play fair.

Now on to the Coca Cola 600. I thought it was going to be a long race when the first crash occured. I saw the whole thing even before it started. I saw that piece of tire go flying into the air. And then KABOOM! Carnage everywhere and Tony right in the middle of it all. I grabbed a cup of Kool Aid and poured some vodka in it. It was going to be a long night for me. At this point, I’m thinking, they ARE at LOWE’S Motor Speedway and it WAS JIMMIE’s car the tire came off of…and MY driver has HOME DEPOT as a sponsor…it’s a CONSPIRACY man! But hey, it was better than last year’s showing at Charlotte.

I have to say WOW…on the Jeff Gordon crash. That looked like that hurt from my living room couch. But look at this way Jeff, you got to go home early to spend some time with Ingrid.

It was a long, long race for most of us. There were some teams who did well while the track was hot and slippery, but faded as the track began to cool. While others just bided their time and kept digging in…and look what did my wandering eyes see, but that #20 orange car leading the way. Unfortunately, gas mileage came into play.

Here’s your top 5…it’s rather interesting I must say.

1. Casey Mears
2. JJ Yeley
3. Kyle Petty
4. Reed Sorenson
5. Brian Vickers

And I can’t leave out my man…Tony…nice 6th place finish. I do have to also give props to both Kyle Petty and Brian Vickers for having good runs on Sunday.

I am glad Casey Mears finally got over that hump of winning his first race. I have always believe it wasn’t a matter of if, but win. I mean how appropriate that a MEARS wins on Indy 500 Day. CONGRATULATIONS CASEY!

I did get a chance to watch other sports this weekend. The most intersing of them was Lacrosse. I have to say it is an interesting sport. They play 4 quarters (similar to football). Try to score goals in a net (hockey, basketball, soccer). They use short and long sticks, not sure what that’s all about, but I’m sure it matters. They get penalties for fouls (hockey). And it’s fast paced at times. I watched the Duke/Cornell semi-final on Saturday. I had to root for Duke. After all they had been through the previous year I had to cheer the Blue Devils on. During the time I watched them, they rattled off 5 unanswered goals. I thought Duke would take the money and run with the game, but Cornell would have none of that. They came back to tie the game with a little run of their own. But just like in fairy tale fashion Duke scored with just seconds remaining. Duke went on to face Johns Hopkins in the finals. JH is a powerhouse in NCAA lacrosse having already won 8 championships. I saw the last quarter or so. I really wanted to see Duke win, but this fairy tale had a different ending. Duke had a chance to score in the last seconds, but was unable to conncet. JH won their 9th NCAA championship. Congratulations Johns Hopkins. Duke fought valiantly and have no reason to hang their heads. You rocked.

Well…the boys are on to Dover and the Monster Mile.

Have a safe week!

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