Rain Sux

I am sick of rain. For the past several nights we have had thunderstorms. Some being on the severe side. Luckily, there were no tornadoes, but I am sick of them. I don’t like my television viewing interrupted by our local metereologists telling me there is a nasty thunderstorm headed my way. First of all there is one of them who blows everything out of proportion and panics everyone for no reason. Here’s the deal…the fine citizens who live in this part of the great state of Texas know what thunderstorms are all about..hail..rain..wind..and an occassional tornado. We get it. I think this guy likes to here himself talk. I will give him credit…he gives out the most information, but ENOUGH ALREADY. This leads me into yesterday’s NASCAR race.

I was already to hunker down to watch the Dover race. Unlike last year’s race Tony was in top condition and ready to race. I had friends, non-NASCAR friends mind you, coming over for come dogs and patties. And that stinking rain just had to ruin my NASCAR watching day. DAMN YOU RAIN!!!! Why couldn’t the BUSCH or TRUCK race been rained out? Now, I have to listen to the race at work–AT WORK. This work thing is SERIOUSLY cutting into my NASCAR watching. But I am OK!

Speaking of friends, I was introduced to Architect’s new girlfriend yesterday. She was very nice. I like her. I haven’t seen Architect this happy in a long time. I have always believe he needed someone who wasn’t the typical gal Architect dated. She’s definitely made an impact on him. I didn’t get a chance to visit with her as much as I wanted because I was playing the hostess with the mostest, but we are headed out to Big D next week for a much needed vacation. We are planning to meet up with them for dinner/lunch and that will give me a chance to visit with her some more.

5 days till VACATION!!!!!

One more thing before I go…the Dale Jr. lottery is still going on. I think the top contenders are Gibbs and Ginn. I know Earnhardt nation would love to see him at RCR, but not at this point in his racing career. Dale needs a place where he feels safe, comfortable, and more importantly feel like a champion. I think both Gibbs and Ginn would be those places. We will just have to wait and see.

I will be watching Prelude to a Dream from Eldora Speedway on Wednesday night courtesy of HBO pay-per-view. All proceeds benefit Victory Junction. I can’t wait. It will be fun to watch the boys race on dirt. Have you ordered it today?

Oh did I mention…5 DAYS TILL VACATION!!!!

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