Rumble In The Pits

I didn’t get to see the race on Monday. I was able to see a clip of the tangle between Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart. From what I could tell, the on track incident was just a racing deal. Of course I didn’t get to see the laps leading up to the meet and greet, but all I saw was a racing deal. Two racers wanting the same spot on the track and neither one giving an inch. I don’t see why Tony had to give Kurt the line. They both had good cars. I can understand if Tony was much slower than Kurt, but this didn’t look like the case. With that being said, I would like to address the actions of Kurt Busch after the on track incident.

I was appalled by what he did. I am sure he wanted to tell Tony what he thought of Tony’s driving on the track. That’s all in good, but when your car nearly takes out a crew member then I take issue with your actions. Luckily Tony’s crew member was not hurt in the incident and he was able to jump up on the hood of Tony’s car to avoid Kurt’s car, but his could have turned out differently. While listening to Sirius on the way, one caller said this incident was being blow out of proportion and that if it had been anyone else this would be no big deal. I disagree. I don’t care who it is including Tony. Car vs pedestrian is not a good thing. The pedestrian usually comes out on the bad end of things. NASCAR was right in parking Kurt. Should he been further penalized? Yes. This is a safety issue. NASCAR is always said safety of everyone at the race track is a number one concern. I would still be upset if this was the other way around. No matter who it is behind the wheel your car is a dangerous weapon even at a slow speed. It will be interesting to see how NASCAR handles this one.

3 thoughts on “Rumble In The Pits

  1. so true — even one of the radio stations dj’s had some things to say about this (all against Kurt and his whining)

    and I don’t even follow the races … but Trixie’s right … car vs pedestrian == bad news !!!

  2. That race kicked ass. Jeffy did do a gr8 job. It was a fun time. Elliott and Ryan battling for third was good too. No money, ALL for CHARITY. What a show. I have to open up that can of worms about Busch tonite. What a DIZZICK he is. No BRAINS, ALL EARS!!!

  3. I agree with you Trix ~ Just racin’ is one thing, slamming into the pits during a stop is another. Lucky no one was killed.

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