Only 7 more hours and I will be on vacation!!!! Not going anywhere too exotic, unless you consider the DFW exotic. Going to visit some wonderful friends, see the Star Wars exhibit at the Ft. Worth Museum and then go out to TMS–maybe purchase those tickets for the November races.

I hope I will be able to catch the Pocono race on Sunday, but if not my life will not come to an end. Pocono is not one of those races I have to watch. This will be the first race covered by TNT. They will broadcast the next several races until ESPN takes over coverage.

I haven’t seen penalties come down regarding Kurt Busch’s dumb ass move of the 2007 season. Here’s what I would like to see…I want him to have the same view of the race as I will come Sunday…in front of the television set.

I enjoyed watching the Prelude to a Dream on Wednesday night. I wanted to be there, but my vacation comes a week late. You could tell all the drivers were having fun and there was no pressure. Racing like it should be every week. I have to say Juan Pablo didn’t do too bad for his first time on dirt. I have to give him his due for daring to go where he has never raced before. And then you have Red Farmer…still racing after all these years. Plus you had two drag racers in the mix. These guys are used to going in a straight line…very fast for a few seconds, not in a circle at what must have seemed like a snail’s pace to them. But they too were having fun. But Wednesday night was more about the race, it was about Victory Junction. I have visited with lots of people in my travels to TMS who have bad mouth Tony and say he isn’t good for the sport, etc, but if you could see what he did on Wednesday night, you would have a greater understanding what Tony is all about. Tony may criticize NASCAR and other drivers and yes at times I wonder WTF he is thinking, but deep down he has a heart as big as Texas. That’s why I am a fan.

Will Denny remain undefeated at Pocono? Will Clint Bowyer break through this week and make it three in a row for “first timers”? It’s only a matter of time before Clint makes his way to Victory Lane.

Have a great weekend!

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