Cousin Carl and His Bearded Buddy

I just saw on…Ella Sofia Gordon graced our world at 9 am this morning. Congratulations to Jeff and Ingrid!

Congratulations to Carl for his first win since November 2005 at Texas. I was at that race where he last won, plus it was at the same moment where I discovered I am not a fan of Cousin Carl. Coincidence??? I am glad his crew member will get to shave his beard. He was looking pretty scary.

Oh what a shame…Jimmie ran out of gas.

Yea Yea for JJ winning a pole.

I am so glad last week is over…I have to say I am tired of the whole Jr to Hendrick thing. Too much for me to digest. He left DEI to go to HMS. That’s it for me. I am moving on to other things around the NASCAR circuit.

On to the road racing…not my favorite races of the season. I will probably have the race on in the background as I clean this weekend.

Good Luck Tony!

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