The Birthday Celebration continues

I would like to thank my co-workers who have come to “appreciate” my obesssion with NASCAR. Here is a picture of the cake the had for me.

They posted several pictures of Mr. Stewart on the wall next to the food table. There were even diecast cars on the table as decorations. There was only one faux pas….they had a Lowe’s car there. Luckily it wasn’t the #48 car or I would have had to take things into my own hands.

Well…that should be it for the birthday celebration this year.

On the way home I heard about Mr. Gordon and Mr. Johnson’s “modificaitons”. And I thought this week would be quiet with race news…

2 thoughts on “The Birthday Celebration continues

  1. I have some co-workers who have a sick sense of humor and I was surprised there wasn’t Jimmie pictures all over the place…

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