Road Race Hangover

Congratulations to Juan Pablo! I did not surprise me that Juan won. I mean he is a pretty good road racer. I really thought Robby Gordon would finally catch a break, but the best laid plans of mice and men.

I think Aric Almirola got a raw deal Saturday. He practiced and qualified the car, but yet can’t finish the race as the driver. I don’t think Denny really wanted to get in the car. It came down to a sponsor thing probably. Even though Aric is credited with the win. It still stings.

The truck race was interesting. I didn’t watch all of it, but I did get to see the post crash meet and greet between Musgrave and CTS Rookie Kelly Bires. I loved Musgrave’s comments. I was rolling on the floor.

Now on to the big news of this past weekend. I see penalities have been handed out to the HMS duo. Crew chiefs suspended for 6 races, drivers docked 100 points, owners docked 100 points, and everyone fined quite a bit of money. I have been listening to the media, commentators on both the cable networks as well as Sirius, and the NASCAR fans. I have heard all kinds of opinions on the subject so why not voice mine.

This is what I understand. NASCAR informed EVERYONE about the COT specifications and were told not to jack with them or suffer the consequences. That’s the reason Tony Eury Jr. has taken a brief respite and fined from NASCAR. NASCAR is is trying to make a stand here in the sand. Prior to today’s handing out of penalities, I thought NASCAR should at least give a minimum of 6 races suspended. Should it have been more? For Knaus, yes. This isn’t the first time Mr. Knaus has dabbled in the gray area. I think repeat offenders should get a stiffer penalty. I don’t know. Maybe there should be some “3 strikes” law like they have in the criminal justice system.

Here’s my thinking…why does this modification have to take place on the #24 and #48 cars? They have been dominating the first part of the season. They are both top drivers on the circuit. That being said…I pose this. Is this the first time they have modified the COT? or this just the first time they were caught?

On to New Hampshire for the boys…let’s see who will make news this week!

One thought on “Road Race Hangover

  1. John Darby had mentioned that the fender violations were not seen on the 24 or 48 in any previous COT inspections. Just a fyi

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