On the Pole

Congratulations on Dave Blaney for winning the pole at Louden this weekend. This gives Toyota their first pole of the season. However, I still feel Toyota will not get a win this year. It has been a rough year for the other automakers too except for the Chevy cars.

I just popped on to NASCAR.com and saw that Brian Vickers qualifying time is null and void because his car was too low during post qualifying inspection. That means his spot will go to Chad Chaffin.

I guess NASCAR isn’t afraid to suspend drivers for using their vehicle as a weapon on the track. Ted Musgrave got a one race suspension for his actions last week in Milwaukee. I wonder if one of the Cup boys did what he did would they get a one race suspension? I don’t know. It was obvious that Musgrave’s actions were intentional, but look at the whole picture. I know there are those out there who love the truck series. I myself think it’s some of the best racing out there. But do you really think NASCAR would have the spine to suspend one of the Cup boys for doing the same thing? Gut feeling no. I will admit I would be angry if Tony did the same thing and was suspended especially if it was intentional. I still don’t defend his actions when he caused Matt K. to come across the grass and back onto the track at Daytona last year. Looking back on the post regarding this incident I wasn’t very harsh on Tony. Matt and Tony could have been beating and banging, and yes I did put a little blame on Kenseth, but in the end I was upset that Tony did this. I am quick to defend Tony’s actions because I am rabid Tony fan, but there are times I wish he would just keep his emotions under control. But it’s those emotions and his passion for driving that attact me as a fan and keep me coming back for more.

I am looking forward to this weekend’s race to see how the #24 and #48 cars will do without their crew chiefs. They will probably rise to the top as these two always seem to do. It’s like I always tell Postman…they could fall in a big pile of cow crap and come out smelling like a rose.

Good Luck Tony!

2 thoughts on “On the Pole

  1. Kurt Busch should have been suspended, but I guess NASCAR felt that by parking him for the rest of the race was punishment enough.

    It will take someone getting seriously hurt before NASCAR suspends it’s Cup drivers.

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