Yea Denny! I knew it was just a matter of time this year that you would cross that finish line. This is the first win for JGR this season. I wish the first win could have been Tony, but a win for JGR is a win. If there had been a few more laps Jeff Gordon would have caught Denny, passed him and won the race. It was exciting to watch Truex and Gordon go at it. And the racing was clean.

As I thought the #24 and #48 were not affected by the suspensions. As reported the crew chiefs are allowed to be at the track, however they cannot communicate on the official team radio or be in the garage areas. So what did the suspensions really prove? Absolutely nothing. I think the crew chiefs should not be allowed at the track ANYWHERE. They should have to stay home like the rest of us and watch the race with those pesky commercials.

I am very upset with TNT. I swear it was like three minutes of racing and 10 minutes of commercials. At one point I was able to predict when they would go to commercial. I can’t remember which commentator said, but they mentioned about the exciting racing go on. How would I know? You keep showing commercials about TNT’s new summer shows or that stupid Subway commercial with Tony and Jared. Tony looks like he would rather be somewhere else than sitting next to that goober Jared. I wonder since next week’s race at Daytona will have limited commercials they had to get them all in this week to make up for next week. I hope ESPN/ABC has better coverage of the race and less on the commercials. I really think the coverage by TNT today was horrible. There were times they would cut to their pit reporters and there would be no one there. Wally, Kyle, and Bill had to fill the void. I really like Wally and Kyle, but I am not a fan of Weber. I wish they would put Alan Bestwick in the booth. But what do I know.

There were definitely some mishaps on pit road that cost several drivers positions. Greg B. got ticketed for speeding not once but twice. That just about says it for his season. Will he remain at Roush? It will be interesting to see. And then Carl’s day was pretty much over when there was a jack malfunction. I did however like his paint scheme. See what happens when you carrying the Boston Red Sox design on your car? All I could think of was the mishap in the 1986 World Series. I still can’t watch the replays of the Bill Buckner mishap. Ryan Newman got tagged for speeding as well, but finished 10th. And yes, Smoke even had problems in the pits…he finished 12th.

Next week the Boys are back in the “old” car for some Saturday night racing at Daytona.

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