Happy Happy

Everything is quiet on the NASCAR front…for now any way.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July. I am taking the next two days of from my current career pursuit. It was a rough week last week along with Monday and Tuesday. I know I just came back from vacation a few weeks ago, but damn it’s been crazy and very, very stressful. So..here I am at home doing absolutely nothing. Perhaps I may work on some “redecorating” the Park.

I am hoping the DFW area will receive a break from the rain they have been receiving over the past several weeks. The animals haven’t started lining up two by two and there has been no Noah sighting, but it’s only a matter of time if the rain doesn’t stop.

It is now July and that means NFL training camps are just around the corner. Postman is beginning his preparation for his fantasy football league. I am going to think positive thoughts for the Cowboys. They have a new coach. Tony Romo will be starting off the season as the quarterback and TO (hopefully) will remain healthy. But with football season around the corner this means I will have to “fight” Postman for the TV on Sundays. NASCAR or Cowboys football? Of course we all know who will win the battle of the TV….

I flipped onto Sirius yesterday to discover they were replaying old racebroadcasts from year’s past. At the time I was listening, the 1999 Bristol race had just completed. This was the one where Dale Sr. bumped Terry LaBonte right at the end to take the vicotry. When they interviewed Dale Sr. I thought they were interviewing Dale Jr. because they sounded so much alike…very scary. Terry was definitely a little upset to say the least. They also interviewed Tony. Apprently he was mixed up in a wreck and he was upset…and here’s the kicker which made me kind of laugh..he didn’t want to say anything because he was upset.

See what happens when all is quiet on the NASCAR front….I ramble on and on about nothing.

Have a good day.

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