Rain Go Away

Looks like both Cup qualifying and the Busch race were rained out today.

It really sucks for Boris Said. He had the pole and now he has to go home. There were several others who had a good qualifying, but due to that top 35 thing they too have to go home. It’s a shame this has happened again. I think NASCAR should look at this situation. I think 35 is too much. It should be reduced to top 20 or 25 who are guaranteed.

Plus I have to get up early to catch the Busch race tomorrow morning–UGH. Oh well…all in the name of racing. That’s two races on one day…woo hoo.

2 thoughts on “Rain Go Away

  1. I felt sorry for Boris and the rest..Mikey included…qualifying is ridiculous the way it stands..but trying to change anything in Nascar is like dealing with the government

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