I’m Still Here!

The week in review…and yes I am still around

*Wow! What a finish at Daytona last Saturday night-major props to Jamie

*Tony and Denny–no one’s fault, just a racin’ deal. Way to go Coach Gibbs for taking the boys out to the woodshed. I guess we all are just going to have to get along.

*Ouch…that must have hurt Jimmie when your tire “exploded” and you car ended up in the wall at Chicago. It looked like it did.

*This Bud isn’t for for you Mr. Earnhardt. What more can the Earnhardt nation take these days? Nice driving with no power steering today at Chicago

*Thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends who lost loved ones in the plane crash.

*Did Kyle get snubbed last week? It’s all about perception I say. But I know what it is like to be leaving a job and get treated differently. It’s like you are branded as disloyal.

*On a personal note…i am not a fan of getting my blood sugar tested. You have to drink the nastiest tasting stuff that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Then you have to get your blood drawn every hour on the hour for 6 hours. That was DEFINITELY 6 hours I can’t get back. Results–no good, but I am dealing with it. My mother is undergoing surgery in a week. I am worried about her, but she will be okay with me there with her.

*TONY WON TODAY!!!!!! What a way to start of my week!!!!!

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