We Got It Goin’ On

I hope all the members of Junior Nation is doing ok today. Just in case those of you in NASCARland don’t know…the #8 will remain with DEI. This news tidbit doesn’t affect me one way or the other. I am thinking what number could he be next year…08? how ’bout…58 or 85 which combines his old number with the new number. Or maybe a multiple of 8?

It’s now OFFICIAL…Kyle Busch will take over the #18 starting in 2008. Wow–what a shock this was (wink wink). This was the worst kept secret over the last few weeks. Believe or not I am lookin gforward to next for the Gibbs boys. I am going to give Kyle a chance. Now for this Toyota rumor that seems to be gaining momentum. I don’t care one way or the other what kind of car my driver drives. I know Tony can drive the wheels off anything as he has proven on numberous occassions.

Did you catch NASCAR in Primetime on ABC last night? It was very entertaining. I did like the segments with Mark Martin. You could tell in his face how much he has sacrificed for racing. He is definitely a class act. I like how they interview race fans in between the different segments. Do forget to watch next week?

I bought a subscription to Sirius radio back in January so I could keep up with all the NASCAR stuff. I have to say I am very satisfied with my subscription. My favorite show…Sirius Speedway with Dave Moody. Very funny stuff and very insightful. Maybe one day I will get the nerve to call up and voice my opinion. I do hate the callers that have no clue about things. Very annoying and god bless Moody for not hanging up on these people. They usually have Ray Evernham on every week. And I have to say he is very interesting and fun to listen to. This show rocks! I do listen to the Morning Drive. And of course…there’s Tony’s own show. I don’t get a chance to catch as much as I want, but what I have been able to catch…AWESOME! You can definitely tell it’s Tony’s show.

Speaking of Tony…here’s another one of my fave photos of Smoke…yum!

One thought on “We Got It Goin’ On

  1. I enjoyed the nascar prime time show..although there was a lot of JPM in it

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