Sick Day

Dear Mr. Supervisor,

I have not been feeling well since Sunday afternoon and I managed to make it to work this morning. However I have had this icky feeling since early this afternoon. I think a cold has taken over my body. Excuse me while I cough and sneeze. I think I will take time off tomorrow morning to stop by my doctor’s office. Dr. Stewart stated he could try to squeeze me in say around 9 am (CST). Please excuse me from work tomorrow morning.


Trixie (cough, cough)

4 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. sounds like a mild case of Madagascar whooping cough …I recommend a day at the races as a cure…

  2. Trixie – As a producer on the series, I enjoyed reading your reaction to last week’s episode of “NASCAR in Primetime.” Mark Martin’s story continues tomorrow night.

    I hope you decide to join us for the next episode which airs tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9 pm EST on ABC instead of 10 pm. The rest of the episodes in the series will air at 9 pm EST as well.

    Clips from tomorrow night are now online –

    And new clips from show 3 will be online Thursday.

    Thank you for watching,
    Field Producer – “NASCAR in Primetime”

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