Gentlemen, You Can FINALLY Start Your Engines

Finally after two days of rain and just downright yuckiness, the race was able to get underway. I was able to watch some of the race today even though it was at work. was streaming ESPN broadcast online today. It was rather difficult to keep my mind on my work with the race going on in the background. I was a good girl today as you can tell…I did go to work.

Congratulations to Kurt Busch today! With Kurt winning the race today, it looks like Dale Jr. still has a lot of ground to make up. Junior did finish 12th and moved one spot up in the standings to 13th, but I think Kurt has the momentum going into Bristol and the remaining pre-Chase races. I know Earnhardt nation will be very disappointed if Junior doesn’t make the chase, but I think there has been a lot of things waying on his mind over this season. The decision to leave his father’s company, I belive, is probably the hardest decision he will ever have to make. But I can understand his decision. I think I can step back because I am not part of the Red Army. I can take an objective view of things. I think going to HMS will benefit him greatly. I think he will have more success at HMS. And now with the #8 staying with DEI, this all has to be in the back of his mind. Even though he is probably focused every week, sometimes it’s the little things that bubble up to the top. Maybe not making the Chase will help him. Look what happened to Tony last season. He could just race. There wasn’t any Chase pressure. Tony was able to have fun.

Tony finished 10th after starting back in 35th position. I like it when Tony does qualify towards the front, but I don’t fret when he qualifies in the back. I know he will make his way to the front of the pack.

On to Bristol for some Saturday night racing! I love the Bristol night race. Lots of beatin’ and bangin’ and tempers flaring! Watch boys…

Just a reminder…the second installment of the ABC show NASCAR in Primetime is on. I can’t wait. I rewatched part of the last’s week show this evening. I like the fact the drivers featured aren’t necessarily the high profile ones (i.e. Tony, Jeff, Junior). I am looking forward to seeing how Mark handles watching a race from my point of view…the recliner.

Have a great week!

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