NASCAR in Primetime

What’s a NASCAR fan to do?

The truck race was on last night plus the 2nd installment of NASCAR in Primetime was also premiering.

I watched the truck race until 8:00 and then flipped over to the NASCAR show. I flipped back between commercials. I really like watching the trucks race, but I wanted to watch the ABC show more.

The second installment was even better than first. It was a little painful to watch Mark Martin watch racing from his home. Even though he was at home, part of him was still at the track. It was clearing obvious where his mind was when he was at the dinner table and he was watching race coverage. But I think Mark has made peace with his decision. If he hadn’t he wouldn’t have stepped out of the car at Bristol. He is going out on his terms and at the top of his game. How can you fault the man?

Johnny Sauter’s segment was intriguing. You can tell this guy wants to be successful in NASCAR. It eats at him. Plus you get to see what it is like for those “Go or Go Home” guys every week. The pressure they are under to put our two fast laps. And when they don’t make it how it affects their lives and those around them. I can even begin to understand how it feels.

I am still not warming up to Juan Pablo. I know his racing aggressive comes from the previous racing leagues. He was an F1 driver and from what I understand drivers in that league are aggressive. It probalby was a matter of survival. I would agree he is a breath of fresh air for NASCAR.

I liked the fact they showcased the Texas race. I wasn’t able to go back in April for lack of better excuse than money. Jeff Burton one the race. He was the first repeat winner at TMS. And if you are going to have a repeat winner, then Jeff should be the one. After all, he won the first race at TMS. Will I be at TMS in November? I don’t know. Money is still an issue, but this NASCAR fan will find somewhere to raise the dough. You do whatever it takes to get there right my friends.

Well…it’s Bristol weekend again. Congrats to Johnny Benson! And lookie there…is that Mark Martin there who finished 3rd? Man that dog still has some fight left in him.

One thought on “NASCAR in Primetime

  1. Mark still has a lot of dog in him..he loves to race but all the other stuff that goes with it is wearing him out…

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