Chase 2: Dover

Looking at the 10 races in the Chase, Talladega was the one that could shake up the standings, but I guess after yesterday I was wrong.  I could have sworn the drivers went around the track and not try to play demolition derby with their cars.  Congratulations to Carl for outlasting the field to come away with the victory at Dover.  And the oops award goes to, Carl as well, his car failed post race inspection.  Looks like fines and loss of points for Flipper.

I didn’t pay as close attention to the race as I usually do, but I was trying to move everything over to the new site, flipping over to watch the Colts, and besides every time I looked up there was a caution.  I am glad Michael Waltrip’s crew member is doing ok. It was painful to watch.  That seemed to be the theme of yesterday any way.  Just too painful to watch.

Here’s how the standings are as of today (looks like everyone has moved up or down with the exception of Kyle Busch)

  1. Jeff Gordon      
  2. Tony Stewart  (-2)
  3. Carl Edwards (-3)
  4. Jimmie Johnson (-4)
  5. Kyle Busch (-10)
  6. Clint Bowyer (-18)
  7. Martin Turex Jr. (-46)
  8. Jeff Burton (-75)
  9. Kevin Harvick (-115)
  10. Matt Kenseth (-116)
  11. Kurt Busch (-151)
  12. Denny Hamlin (-158)

Looks like this year’s Chase could be anybody’s.  There is only 158 separating first and 12th places.  I am excited to see Tony finished 9th after battling with a so-so car and staring way back in the back.  Sometimes it isn’t about the best car, but how you can outlast the carnage.

Congrats to Denny for the Busch win and Travis “Can I Buy A Vowel” Kvapil for his win our in Vegas.

Not much to report outside NASCAR except…Cowboys and Colts won!  Tech screwed the pooch.  How do you score THAT many points and lose?  Plus how do you let OSU score that many as well?  Hello…DEFENSE!!!

Prayers are with John Force today after suffering a violent crash out in Ennis, Texas over the weekend.  Get Well soon!

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