A Bag of Magic Beans

1995-99-dodge-neon-95103431991104.jpgMs. H buys a green Dodge Neon for transportion purposes.  Goes to high school reunion, LARGE Texas Size HAIL pummels the car.  But yet continues to drive the car despite the dents on the car.  Continues to use said vehicle while residing in a college town.  Some student in that college town hits the car.  Then some time later in the life of this car it is broken into and stuff is stolen.  She takes said car out of town as she moves onward and upward in her professional career.  It is broken into again and stolen, but it was recovered with some damage.  Friends need 2nd car and Ms. H willing to sell THIS car to said friends.  Now in possession in said friends…it is broken into and stereo is stolen, but radio recovered by our boys in blue.  And now…the passenger side window is broken out and it looks like stuff was stolen.  I am beginning to think this car has some REALLY BAD KARMA!!!

All I have to say is no more DODGE NEONS will be purchased by either Postman or myself.  I think Ms. H sold us a bag of magic beans.

(note–NEON in picture is not ours, but a similar likeness)

6 thoughts on “A Bag of Magic Beans

  1. That sucks seriously. I’m so sorry to hear it. My car was broken into last month and I am still dealing with crap as a result of it. Only good thing *crossing my fingers that I’m right* is that the bad guys did not try to use my checks that were in my purse.

    Here’s hoping the next car is better. We have had good luck with our Neons and are on our second one!

  2. I forgot to change the url for my website. The one that WordPress has saved for me is the one for my political blog. There is a link there to get to RevJim’s, I want people to see the other one, but it isn’t for everybody.

  3. HOLY COW!!!
    I just got a chance to catch up on blog-reading….and read this post.
    Someone ELSE seriously broke into the Neon?!?!? Again?!?!?

  4. I think it might be a neon thing. my Best Friend owned two…both were broken into…during different parts of their life. One was backed into by half blind neighber leave rather massive dent in door…so massive door wouldn’t open. Other had tranny problems right out of the gate and was never the same. She now owns a honda.

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