Race 6: Martinsville

I knew this weekend it would be the Jeff and Jimmie show.  And I really didn’t see it coming, but it lived up to my prediction.  I hate to say this but I would have rather had Jeff or Ryan win then Jimmie.  If you read my blog on a regular basis I am not, I repeat, NOT a Jimmie Johnson fan.  You know how when you get a feeling about someone and you can’t put your finger on it…well that’s how I feel about Jimmie.  There’s just something there I don’t like.  Maybe it’s the fact he says and does what is expected of him, he doesn’t step outside the box (i.e. Tony) and speak his mind (i.e. Tony).  Postman and I had a discussion on who is the better driver Jeff or Jimmie.  We both picked Jeff.  Jimmie can drive the car, but would he be as good a driver at a less dominant team than HMS?  I think Jeff could.  I have always felt Jeff is one of the best drivers on the NASCAR circuit.  I have seen Jeff take a piece of crap car and turn into gold.  Jimmie as done that per se, but hands down I would take Jeff every day of the the week and twice on Sunday. 

In the spring race Jeff tried to move Johnson out of the way to take the lead, but once again Jimmie prevailed.  I was hoping to see a rematch this past weekend with Jeff coming away the victor.  Towards the end of the race I thought it was all going to play out.  Jeff showed last spring he has no qualms about moving his teammate out of the way for the win.  He is running for his 5th championship.  I would take out my own grandmother for that matter.  But all those cautions ruined everything for us race fans.  I never thought there would be a third car in the mix, but there was Newman chewing at the bit.  Newman had nothing to lose.  He isn’t in the Chase and he hasn’t won a race in two years.  He almost came away with one last week at Lowe’s, but the racing goddess had other plans.  I really wanted to see a battle between Jimmie and Ryan.  I think Ryan would have taken him and perhaps put him the wall.  I am not a Newman fan, but if that had occured…who knows Ryan may have had one more fan on his side.

Even though there are four races left in this season, I think it will come down to either Jeff or Jimmie winning the championship.  Tony would have to run the table and hope J&J have bad races, but if I know J&J THAT’S not going to happen.  I know Clint is running third at this point and he still has a dog in this fight, but just like Tony he is going to have to drive like a mad man to if he hopes to overtake J&J.

There has been some dicussion about “team orders” around the track.  I really don’t like team orders.  Who cares if Jimmie doesn’t like the way Kyle is racing him?  It’s called racing.  Why should Kyle yield to you just because you are racing for the championship?  Why should Kyle take it down a notch?  It’s not like you have shown the love for Kyle lately.  As I recall you showed Kyle the front door and said have a good day.  I don’t want to see teammates take each other out, but come on people this is racing.  This isn’t a friendly game of tag.  Why should Kyle show any loyalty at this point of the season?  I do give him props for being a good teammate and employee.  But would the same orders be given if the roles were reversed?  In my opinion…no. 

Teammates not getting along??? Discontent among the Roush drivers???  Do we all have to get along with one another???  What’s wrong with a little disagreement between teammates?  Look at what Tony did to Denny earlier in the year.  It happens.  You speak your mind and move on.  I would take Matt over Carl any day.  And wasn’t it Tony who called Carl Eddie Haskell.  If you have watched Leave It To Beaver, you the type of character Eddie can be.  Carl, in my opinion, isn’t all what he seems in front of the camera. 

Some sad news to report…I will not be able to attend the Texas race this year.  I am very despondent, but I am seeking therapy for my situation.  The only thing that is getting me through this is knowing that I will be in Boston next summer for a week and half.  And thanks for the new Ipod Postman…I love listening to my “pit passes”.

I perused over to Ms. H blog this morning and noticed she doesn’t like NASCAR.  That’s not a shocker.  I still love her any way.  I mean after all she did let me watch a race at her home with another fellow NASCAR fan.  Plus she Tivoed a show and made a subsequently saved it for me on DVD profiling one of my favorite drivers.  So now I can watch it over and over any time of the day or night.  NASCAR is an acquired taste.  It’s all good. 

Football this past weekend was uneventful…TTU got the stuffing beat out of them by Missouri.  It’s not surprising though.  Tech’s been known to lose the week after playing A&M.  This happened last year as well.  I thought LSU was going to lose again, but a last second touchdown put LSU up over Auburn.  My Cowboys and Colts won this weekend. 

Well…I guess that’s about it for today.   Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Race 6: Martinsville

  1. I have a feeling that Ryan will win a race before the season is out. He is overdriving his car, but that is the old Sprint car racin’ Ryan coming back. He can actually get on the wheel on the edge of control, much like Kyle Busch, but I think Kyle is a little better on car control.
    I’m waiting for Kyle to get fed up with being told not to race J or J, and kind of accidently push them into the wall. What would Hendrick do, fire him? He already has a new job, anyway. And, if he went on to win that race, how could Hendrick fire him?
    I feel the same way as you do about Jimmie. He is just too guarded, hidden and inaccessable. I have heard that he is shy, but so is Smoke, and that hasn’t stopped him.
    On the Matt and Carl incident, someone who should know–team mate Greg Biffle–said that that was the real Carl that the public doesn’t see coming to the forefront. I think Roush needs Mark Martin back, but Jamie, David, and Da Biff seem to respect Matt a lot. I could tell that Biffle doesn’t think much of Carl.

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