As they say can’t we all get along…who says you have to get along with all of your coworkers? Who wrote that in the employee handbook? I have worked with a lot of people and let me tell you I never got a long with everyone in the office. There is always that someone who grates on you like nails on a chalkboard or who will push your buttons like nobody’s business. But you need to step back and take the high road even though it can give you more pleasure some times to take the low road. You need to rise above it all and move on.

I think the Carl and Matt are two coworkers who perhaps have reached a place in their relationship where both must choose which road to take. I think what Carl did was out of line. If Carl was upset with Matt he should have taken care of it away from the cameras. What he did has just added fuel to a fire that is perhaps starting to rage out of control. It was very uncool to act like you were going to hit Matt. What was that all about? This wasn’t something a professional NASCAR driver should be doing to another professional NASCAR driver and teammate. This is not junior high. Is the true Carl starting to crack through the Opie Taylor persona we see in front of the camera? Or is it the pressure of being in the spotlight? Maybe he is tired of being the nice good boy and wants to be a bad boy (i.e. Tony Stewart). No matter what’s going on with Carl, he needs to step back and take stock of everything. If he is not happy with his current team situation talk to the head honcho, sometimes being a good teammate and coworker is keeping the dirty laundry in the laundry basket. I would hope Roush takes a long serious look at his drivers and have a come to Jesus talk with all of them. It will be interesting to see what happens this weekend in Atlanta.

Have a good one!

3 thoughts on “Coworkers

  1. Actually they are opposites. On camera, Tony comes across as being too blunt and honest for some people, and is known to be funny, friendly and warm behind the scenes, while Carl puts on the show for the cameras, and is a troublemaker behind the scenes.
    You have a great weekend, Trix.

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