Race 7: Atlanta

So it seems the more things change the more they stay the same. I guess I didn’t miss much while I took a midafternoon nap with the help of some pain meds. The only thing I missed was that #20 not running up towards the front. Postman told me Tony struggled all day. I was hoping someone other than Jeff or Jimmie was going to win. I know there are 41 other drivers besides those two who were racing today, but at the end of the race I was like…ho hum. With about 15 or so laps to go, Kyle Busch along with Matt Kenseth were running 1 and 2. I thought finally someone else other than Jeff or Jimmie was going to win. I didn’t care at this point…heck Dale Jr winning would be a breath of fresh air at this point. But alas…that wasn’t too be. With about 8 or so laps left, Johnny Sauter brought out the caution and all the leaders headed into the pits to get gas and tires with the exception of Denny Hamlin. Tires here…gas there…and damn it…there’s Jimmie coming out ahead of everyone. I wanted anyone other than Jimmie to win. It is the weekend before Halloween so one can expect the unexpected. As the green flag flew, Denny went nowhere and cars were swerving to avoid him. Now I am thinking WTF….apparently Denny was out of freakin’ gas. Now, the finish we all wanted to see wasn’t going to happen. There was carnage everywhere. And if I was Martin Truex, I would be headed right over to Denny to give him the what for. Are you kidding me? If you were low on gas…freakin’ get in the pits and do a splash and go. The race would come down to a green/white checker. Once again I am hoping this race wouldn’t end up like last week’s, but as I mentioned at the beginning of this post..the more things change, the more they stay the same. Just as the green flag is thrown once again, carnage was everywhere. Something broke on Dale’s car and that was it. His tire was moving faster than the rest of his car. And Jimmie won again.

Next week is Texas and I am hoping someone other than Jeff or Jimmie steps up to the plate. I know Texas isn’t kind to Jeff and Jimmie. This is one of the few tracks Jeff has not achieved a victory, but this has been a weird season so anything can happen.

I don’t want to close the book on Tony’s championship title hopes, but it’s over. With three races left and falling spots in the standings, it’s not looking good at all. Even though I will not be there next week, I would love for Tony to come out and win next week. I mean he won last November in Texas.

If anyone caught the Busch race, I’m sorry. Every time I would flip between the football games and the race, the race was under caution. Congratulations to David Reutiman on winning his first Busch race.

Of the three races I watched this weekend, the truck race was the most exciting. Way to go Rowdy!

To all of my NASCAR buds who will be making the trek to TMS this week. Even though I cannot be there with you, I will be there in spirit. If you haven’t been to TMS, you need to go. Eddie Gossage and the folks at TMS put on a pretty good show for the NASCAR fans. I know Ms. H will be disappointed I won’t be coming in for the festivities. She won’t have to listen to me explain the detailed eccentricities of NASCAR racing. She “claims” she doesn’t like NASCAR, but it’s only a matter of time.

Have a great week!

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