Still Here…Barely

I am still around, just under the radar.  I hope everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  We had a white Thanksgiving.  It was nice because it finally felt like fall instead of summer.  I am still working on my “Not So Championship” awards.  I am still recovering from the past weekend and all that football. Just in case you didn’t get a chance to catch it are some highlights.Dallas and Green Bay won. LSU was knocked off again in OT this time by unranked Arkansas. Missouri vs Kansas Border Showdown was good.  I was expecting a better showing by Kansas, but Missouri’s defense just dominated the game.  Missouri now plays for the Big 12 championship against Oklahoma.  And for those of you who don’t remember…Tech beat OU…but lost to Missouri.A&M beat Texas.  I don’t care for either team, but I like A&M better than tu (as the Ags would say). I guess that’s about it for now…Have a great week.

One more thing..since it is the holiday season I thought I would decorate The Park!

2 thoughts on “Still Here…Barely

  1. I still can’t get into football. It gets harder for me to make the transition every year. At least, in hockey they’re still going fast around an oval and knocking each other into the wall, but I really haven’t gotten into that, yet. I hope these next couple of months go by fast.

  2. I have tried to watch hockey since Texas has the Dallas Stars, but out here in Raiderland I really don’t get a chance to watch them. I know if I lived closer to Dallas I probably would keep up with them more.

    Only 80 or so days till Daytona!

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