We love NY–we don’t love NY

It is chamipionship week in New York City this week.  Let me just say, whoopee! (note the hint of a little sarcasm). 

Every year there is always talk about why the awards ceremony is in New York city.  In my opinion bottom line it’s one of the biggest markets and it’s a way to wine and dine sponsors and possible sponsors.  I know there are probably fellow NASCAR fans in that part of the country, but when you think of NASCAR, New York City is not the first thing to pop in your mind.  There has been discussion among those of us in the NASCAR nation about moving the ceremony to a different location.  Why not Vegas or Daytona or even Charlotte where majority of the teams reside?  With the creation of the Hall of Fame why not move it to Charlotte?  What’s wrong with Charlotte?  I think perhaps you could rotate the week among a selct group of race cities that way it will give those fans in other parts of the US to see their champions.  I would love for it to be held in the DFW area.  I would probably go to the events since I live about 5-6 hours away and I know I would spend more money that week than perhaps on a race weekend.  Why not give the fans a big THANK YOU for their support they show throughout the racing season as well as the off season.  I know just because the boys aren’t racing every weekend I am not thinking about racing.  NASCAR is worried about losing viewers, fans, etc.  Why not make the week special for the fans?  I would love to travel to New York this time of the year.  New York has a lot to offer, but with Christmas around the corner, I can’t afford all that plane fair and hotel…my gosh…with it were to say be held in Dallas, I could drive in and stay some friends and enjoy my time celebrating the champions of the sport I love.

Just one fan’s opinion.

2 thoughts on “We love NY–we don’t love NY

  1. I think the idea of rotating the awards ceremony among different cities is a good one. NYC obviously doesn’t want to have anything to do with NASCAR~ they didn’t even make traffic arrangements for the Victory Lap. I’m sure the Corporate types and sponsors can travel to Charlotte, D/FW, Vegas, or Denver (my plug is in) just as easily as they can to New York.

  2. I vote Vegas, and total format change. I forgot to watch the NCTS awards this year, but they were SO much better than the Cup awards last year. I didn’t bother tuning in this year. So far I gather I didn’t miss much. 🙂

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