WTF with the BCS??  Man…I have had Calculus exams that were less complicated.  Don’t get me wrong..I am glad OSU is in the Championship game, but there are other teams that have a legimate case to be in the championship.  Oh well…

I have been trying to get my “Not So Championship” Awards posted, honestly.   But dang…there are so many award receipients to sift through…I am hoping to get them done this week.

Let’s see..today is Monday..all freakin’ day. 

I was productive this weekend.  Got my tree up-complete with NASCAR decorations as well as all the other decorations up.  My office decor was done up last week complete with the Tony Stewart tree and pink flamingo lights around the old desk.  Now you can’t tell when you walk into my office who my driver is..he he.

Oh well..hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season. 

Only 23 more shopping days…and only 76 days until Daytona.

2 thoughts on “Horrible…

  1. No kidding…at least with the top 12 you understand the system. Top 12 driver srace for the championship..you get extra points for winning a race during the first 26 races. The driver on top at the end of the last 10 races wins. That’s it.

    And to think there are those out there in NASCARland who still don’t get it…oh well, they probalby like the BCS system.

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