2007 Trixies

120px-trixie.jpgAt least the 2007 Trixie awards have finally entered the track premises.  The Trixies (formerly known as the Not-So Championship awards) were very competitive this year.  Because of the competitiveness of the awards, it has taken a wee bit longer to tally the votes and name the winners.  I wasn’t able to get a comedian to host the Trixies or some singer to entertain everyone, so you are on your own for the jokes and entertainment portion of the show.  So pull out the lawn chairs and nice adult beverage of choice and enjoy the 2007 Trixies.

  1. “Hey Ya’ll, Watch This”–winner: Clint Bowyer-Clint receives this award for his spectacular display at the 2007 Daytona 500.  I mean after all you finished the race flipping, sliding across the finish line on your roof, and to make it all worthwhile, it was on FIRE!  You gotta love how he entertained the crowd.  What will he think of for next year’s Daytona 500!
  2.  “Kiss My Butt”–winner: Clint Bowyer-for not only making the Chase, but showing all those naysayers he belonged there, by winning the first race of The Chase and finishing 3rd.  Let’s all raise our shot glass full of Jack Daniels and say “Salute”!
  3. “Celebration, Time Come On”–winner: Robby Gordon-for his burn out during a Busch race north of the border.  I have to give an honorable metion to the other Gordon for his salute to Dale Sr.
  4.  “We Are Family”–winner: Kyle Busch–you know a cool million and I would dump my own grandmother. 
  5. “Tough Guy”–winner: David Reutiman-give major props to David for walking away from a violent crash at California.  Those bells you heard wasn’t Dominos at the door.  Honorable mention to Brad K (can never get the spelling of his name) over in the Busch series.
  6. “Can’t We All Get Along”–winner: Carl Edwards/Matt Kenseth-“teammates” who don’t seem to get along…who said you had to get along with your co-workers.  Hnorable mentions go to Tony/Denny.   The Tony/Denny saga lasted oh about a week when THE Mr. Gibbs stepped in and gave that “come to Jesus” talk.    Carl/Matt was much more entertaining.

  7.  “If You Can’t Beat Them…Cheat”–winner: Michael Waltrip-There were several contenders for this award and it was a very, very close race, but ultimately it went to Mikey.  We still don’t know what was “added” to his car at Daytona.
  8. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”–winners: Kevin Harvick/Pablo Montoya–it was interesting to watch these two go helmet to helmet right there on the track.  Of course I would have liked a little more action and little less conversation, but hey we this isn’t Burger King…I can’t have it my way.
  9. “WTF Were You Thinking”–winner: Teresa Earnhardt–I don’t really have to say much about the winner.  This award category wasn’t even contested.  The closest competitor was…wait for it…crickets chirping…nope still waiting…no one.
  10.  “Poke the Sleeping Bear”–winners: Larry Seaquist (Washington State politician), and Bennie Thompson (NC politician).  Mr. Seaquist’s and Mr. Thompson’s comments, NASCAR fans have once again needed to stand up and unite.  We are one of the strongest and loyal fan bases of any sport.  We are NASCAR!
  11. “Mr. Media Darling” and “Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t”–winner: Tony Stewart-Smoke is always good for a sound bite for the media.  No matter what he says someone, somewhere will be angry over his comments.  He just speaks his mind.  If you don’t like what he says, don’t ask him questions.  He is who is and he makes no apologies about.  Fight the Power Smoke!
  12. “It’s Your Call”–winner: Greg Zippadelli–brilliant call to have Tony stay out at Kansas, but not so good with Tony’s tire rub…dude..Tony should have come in and changed his tire.  Everyone at the track knew, the race commentators knew, those at home knew…TONY’S TIRE IS GONNA BLOW!
  13. “Much Ado About Nothing”–winner: Car of Tomorrow–how was the car going to do, would it bring better racing, worse racing, the look is weird…yada, yada, yada…it’s here, get over it already
  14. “Enough Already”–winner: NASCAR media–from Dale Watch 2007 to the J & J Show, I never saw so much over coverage of stories in my life.  I think we all understand the Top 35, the Chase format, and all those other dead horses that were covered during the season.  Let the horses rest in peace my friends.   
  15. “Snake Bit”–winner: Dale Earnhardt Jr.–all those DNFs and just plain bad luck over the season…this was clearly by far the worse luck I have seen for a competitor in a long time. 
  16. “Mr. Pissy”–winner: Kyle Busch–your car was toast there at Texas and you stomped away like a little child who didn’t get his way on the playground
  17.  “Best Kept Secret”–winner:  Dale Jr. to HMS–first it was denied HMS wasn’t going to woo Dale and then bam…never saw it coming (wink, wink).
  18. “Stand Your Ground”–winner: Cingular-The New AT&T or whatever they call themselves these days–for not budging on your sponsorship with Jeff B. and the #31 team. 
  19. “One Class Act”–winners: Mark Martin and Jeff Burton–it would have been so cool to see Martin compete for the title, but he kept his word about running a part time schedule even though he was leading the points series early on, plus he always the first one to say “Thank you” to the fans…he definitely has it going on…Jeff Burton is one of those people who you want to gravitate towards.  He speaks his mind, races clean and competitively.
  20. “I’m OK, You’re OK”–winners: Earnhardt Nation–with all the changes with the #8, it has been somewhat of a rough year for the #8 nation…but the good news…it won’t take much to fix up all those #8 tattoos

Before announcing the winner, I would like to give major props to all the nominees this year.  The 2007 season has definitely been a wild and crazy one.  I would also like to thank my loyal readers.  I know I haven’t been as on top of things this year, but like the NASCAR season, it has been a wild and crazy one.  But as we enter into the “off season” I hope eveyrone has a wonderful and joyous holiday season.  We will all need the rest to gear up for what the 2008 season will bring us. 

And finally, without further ado…there was much debate, there was some hair pulling, punches thrown, helmets and Hans devices were sent sailing across the room, and several tears were shed, but the 2007 Trixie Award goes to…wait for it…DALE EARNHARDT JR. (much applause and cheering).  With all the drama that has gone on this year with will he leave DEI, he’s leaving DEI, he’s going to HMS, number and sponsor change, I felt he captured everyone’s attention and hearts this past year.  It was well earned Mr. Earnhardt!


Nominees in each category were submitted and final voting was counted by The Count over at Sesame Street and certified by the accounting firm of Larry, Darryl and Darryl.  All decisions are final and the results were not known by the winners until today.

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