Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

As you know, it is that time of the year when you receive lots of requests for presents from all the good little boys and girls.  I just want you to know that I have been a “good” girl for most of the year and at those times where I haven’t I can explain.  I know you are busy this time of year and I know I should have mailed my letter sooner, but here is my list of things I would like to have for Christmas.

  1. A race with a little less commercial and LOTS more racing.  I know NASCAR has to pay their bills and everything, but doesn’t the fact the cars have the sponsors on the cars constitute advertising.
  2. A magnifying glass so when the caution flag is flown for debris I will be able to see it on the track.
  3. The Top 35 to be the Top 30.  There are some great drivers who should be racing on Sunday, but can’t because of this Top 35 thing.
  4. More coverage of drivers during The Chase other than those drivers in The Chase.  This was bad this year because I had several drivers who I like get very little or no coverage at all.
  5. Kevin James to do ALL the “Gentlemen Start Your Engines” next year.  He really knows how to fire the drivers and crowd up.
  6. Dale Jarrett to replace Rusty Wallace at ESPN.
  7. The Southern 500 back to where it belongs and California to have only one race.
  8. A ban on celebrities who know absolutely NOTHING about NASCAR.  I mean do you really think Paris Hilton knows squat about NASCAR.
  9. Respect from non-NASCAR fans.  This may be a tall order for you Santa, but I, along with all of us other NASCAR fans, are tired of having to defned ourselves
  10. Tony Stewart–I know this one is an impossible task, but a girl’s gotta have a little hope in her.

I know that is quite a list Santa, but I will understand if you can’t get all of it for me.  If you are feeling generous, I have a few other requests for some of my favorite drivers.

  1. Dale Earnhardt Jr.–I don’t think he really needs much these days.  He is now with a team who can provide all the equipement and cars needed to make a run for the championship.  So perhaps I could get him a trophy case for the champhionship he will win some day.
  2. Matt Kenseth–I can get him a Cheese Head Hat to wear during Happy Hour, I mean Happy Hour should be enjoyed as it is intended to be.  Go Packers!
  3. Clint Bowyer–Maybe some Goodyear tires for the top of his car that way when he decides to drive on his roof, he won’t catch on fire
  4. Carl Edwards–a gift certificate to Office Depot.  I hear they have pens and stationary at the Depot.  Perhaps the next time you want to have a meet and greet with your teammate, you should take pen in hand and write a little note to him.
  5. Jeff Gordon–this one is tough.  He has a new daughter, a wife and 4 championships, what more does this man need.  In fact, he should be getting me something for Christmas…oh, I ’bout one of those t-shirts guns so he can load it with beer cans and shoot them back into the stands at Talladega.
  6. Kyle Busch–a GIANT candy dish.  With his new sponsor, he is going to need it.  Who can resist M&Ms?
  7. Kevin Harvick–private wrestiling lessons from a WWE wrestler.  Hey, if you are going to rumble, you might want to add some more techniques in your repoirtoire.
  8. Tony Stewart–How ’bout a gift certificate to Procuts?  I don’t mind a little stubble and long hair, but if you aren’t going to keep it groomed do something about it.   

That about sums everything up I want for Christmas.  I will understand if you can’t get everything on my list, but I have one last request for my favorite driver, Tony Stewart.  How ’bout a 3rd championship?  He would be the first driver to win a Winston, a Nextel Cup and a Sprint Cup.

Merry Christmas

5 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. More coverage of drivers during The Chase other than those drivers in The Chase. This was bad this year because I had several drivers who I like get very little or no coverage at all.

    Hear hear. My wife was asking me throughout the Chase how Junior was doing, and unless he crashed out, I couldn’t even tell if he was in the race! 😦

  2. I’d like to add one request from Santa….shorten some (most?) of the races! I’m a big NASCAR fan and some of these races put me to sleep because they get so boring because they’re too long!! Shorter! Shorter!

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