2008 Season begins…

Yes…for me it begins tomorrow.  I know it is only testing, but this will give us all a chance to get a peek at everyone.  It has been somewhat a slow off-season.  Luckily the college football bowl season and NFL has kept my mind busy.  But it’s time now to turn my focus onto the NASCAR season ahead.  So here’s to all the good testing sessions this week.  I for one will be watching and taking note.I am still a little hesitant about making predictions.  It is still too early for me to make them.  I want to see a little of the Daytona testing sessions first and read up on things.  Perhaps by the time the first of February comes around I will have a better mind set.  Of course, if you are a regular reader you know who I root for.  But I am holding my predictions close to the vest this time around.  You might be surprised who I think will have a good 2008…until then have a good week.Go Buckeyes! 

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