First Week of Testing

I really wanted to get caught up with the NASCAR boys, but work and other outside commitments have taken quite a bit of time.  I did see the Toyotas were doing a good job and Kyle Busch was having a decent test.  I will be carefully watching next week when Smoke takes to the track.  Right now he is in Tulsa, OK at the Chili Bowl which isn’t too far for me to take a weekend drive.

I have to “steal” the idea from Sirius’s Morning Drive.  With all the celebration this year at Daytona, which 3 people would you like to have dinner with during Speedweeks?  This is tough.  If I could stretch it out over several dinners, there would be quite a few people I wouldn’t breaking bread with.  First up, I would have to say Tony Stewart, AJ Foyt, Eddie Gossage.    My second dinner perhaps once again Tony Stewart, Ken Schrader, and Jimmy Spencer.  I need a few days to recover from that dinner.  A third dinner, Chocolate Meyers, Dale Jr., and Darryl Waltrip.  And finally this probably wouldn’t be a dinner, but just to hang out and have lots and lots of fun….Tony Stewart, Elliot Sadler, and Kyle Busch.

So if you could have dinner with 3 people who would you sit down with?

Have a good day.

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