We The Jury…

I got to spend most of day trying to perform my civic responsibility.  That’s right folks, I was chosen to serve, well not quite.  I was one of the “lucky” who was asked to sit in a panel of potential jurors.  But alas they didn’t pick me…YIPEE!!!  It was a civil case and it was going to take 3-4 days.  YUCK!  I feel a little slighted they didn’t pick me.  I am pretty sure why I wasn’t picked (thanks Postman and your union stuff), but that wasn’t the real reason. I think all the people involved in the case were Jimmie Johnson fan’s (he he).  I was wearing my Tony Stewart jacket when I walked into the courtroom.  It’s a conspriacy, man!

Any way…one more personal note, if you read  my blog on a usual basis, you know that Postman and I have been going through the adoption process.  Well, we were officially approved last week and now all we have to do is wait for our caseworker to match us up.  I for one am relieved.  The application/approval hit a snap last week, but due to some fast maneuvering it was all taken care of.  Thanks!

Back to the track…I saw Tony finished 8th in this year’s Chili Bowl.  Way to go!  I would have loved to been there because as much as I love to watch Tony race on Sunday’s I really like to watch him on dirt.  Dirt is much more exciting.  I saw Tony was in the top ten at yesterday’s testing.  Doesn’t matter what kind of make of the car he is driving, it’s Tony.  He will do well whereever he drives and whatever he drives.  Can’t wait until the season begins….

Football season is officially over for this Cowboys/Colts fan.  Ugh…two hits in one this past weekend.  The Chargers played the Colts extremely well.  I have to give some props to the Chargers backup for their winning touchdown drive to put them on top of the Colts.  Well…there is still at least a Manning in the hunt for a ring…Eli’s Giants won.  They didn’t beat my beloved Cowboys.  The Cowboys handed it to them.  When you drop passes you SHOULD be catching and making penalties you SHOULDN’T, you ARE NOT going to win.  I guess Peyton, Romo, and the rest of the Colts and Cowboys will be watching the Superbowl they way I will be on a couch in front of a TV.  I still have one team I can feel good about and that’s the Packers (sorry Postman).  I think Brett Favre is on top of his game this season.  Not bad for a 38 year old!  Way to represent!

Have a good one.

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