The little things

I usually try not to worry about the little things in life because it isn’t worth my time and effort, but sometimes the little things end up being bigger than they claim.  That’s what has occupied my time this past week or so…the little things. 

I am excited about the upcoming season.  All drivers are still in the hunt for a championship.  I am trying to look on the positive side of things.  I have to since both of my teams are NOT in the Super Bowl.  I won’t go into my dilemma of which team I should root for this year.  I have to pick someone, but it’s pretty much a wash for me.

Things to look forward to in the coming weeks.

  • 24 hours at Daytona
  • Superbowl
  • Bud Shootout
  • Dual 150s
  • Daytona 500

 This may upset some of you who are members of Junior nation.  I am glad Junior is with a team who will give him the best equipment and the best chance at a championship.  I understand all that.  I also understand the pressure he must feel on a daily.  He is the son the of one the legends of NASCAR and there are certain expectations the sport has laid at his feet, but…I am hoping his saga this year will NOT dominate every single race weekend.  This year will be an adjust period for him.  Sure he will be in a Chevy unlike my driver who will be driving a completely different make of car.  But the last two NASCAR mags I recieved or purchased has Junior and his teammates with him on the cover.  The one I purchased last night had only Jimmie, Jeff , and Junior.  The title on the cover “Dream Team”.  If I am not mistaken doesn’t HMS have 4 drivers competing in Cup?  Where’s the love for Casey?  Just a thought….

I am going through all the NASCAR magazines to see who the expects have picked to win it all this year.  I have been able to sift thorugh all the stats and analsis myself.  I didn’t do very good last year, but perhaps with a little more time spent on it and putting aside my personal feelings I improve on my statistics. 

One more thing…I am very proud of myself this week.  I have had to deal with the COH (aka Co-worker from Hell) the last couple of weeks.  I could have stooped to this person’s method of operation, but I didn’t.  I am choosing to take the high road which isn’t always easy for me.  I guess in the end you have to pick the battles you can win so that you can ultimately win the war.

 Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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