Bud Shootout

All I can say is this Bud’s for…oops…this Amp’s for you.  It was weird seeing the former Bud driver winning the Bud Shootout.  I think the question of whether Dale Jr. could be successful in a Hendrick car was answered on Saturday night.  That’s one monkey off his back.  Now comes the hard part, winning a points race with Hendrick.  It was good to see him win a genuine smile on his face.  The other times it looked strained.  All he now has to worry about his racing–that’s it.  The only thing I have to say is enough of the media love for Junior.  We all get it.  Let the boy alone.

Tony looked good during the Shootout.  I was hoping he would drive away with his four Shootout win, but the Hnedrick camp proved too much for him.  But that wasn’t all the excitment for Tony this past weekend.  Once again, Tony and Kurt had a meet and greet at Daytona.  Last time it knocked them out of contention for the Daytona 500.  This time it was practice for the Bud Shootout.  I didn’t get to the see the meet and greet when it happened, but I saw a replay of practice on Speeed.  From what I could tell, Tony got a run on Kurt and tagged him in the end…and at those speeds it isn’t going to turn out good.  Then Kurt decided to continue the meet and greet on pit road.  Of course this guranteeed them a trip to the Principal’s Office.

Well..the Hendrick brigade continued yesterday…Jimmie has the pole. 

Oh by the way…it is HENDRICK not HENDRICKS!!!!!

On a personal note…Postman and I are still continuing the adoption process.  We are planning to meet a little boy coming up this weekend-(and yes–I know it is Daytona weekend).  And here’s the really cool part…HE LIKES NASCAR!  He is a Dale Jr.  and Tony Stewart.  Plus he likes the M&Ms car.  Oh…and his foster dad..Dale Sr. fan.  Talk about meant to be.

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