Crime and Punishment

Tony and Kurt were put on probation for the first six races of the season.  That’s it my fellow NASCAR fans.  6 races.  Of course, what happens in the hauler stays in the hauler.  But as I told Postman last week, somebody, somewhere knows the scuttlebutt and is willing to share. 

As I have said before sometimes being a Tony Stewart fan takes a lot of patience and understanding.  He is a passionate driver and will always be that.  You can’t change him.  I wouldn’t want him to change.  But that passion can sometimes overshadow his incredible talent and performance on the track as well as his philanthropy off the track.  But when you become a Tony fan you just have to understand this is who he is and go on.

Just a reminder…take a brief moment out of your day tomorrow to show your sweetie how you love him or her.  Perhaps Tony will show the love to all us Smoke fans and win one of the Duals tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

2 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment

  1. I am the senior editor of the online magazine and we’re looking for a NASCAR blog to feature for the kick off of NASCAR season. I checked out yours and thought you’d be great.

    Basically it can be the same thing you’ll post on your blog. We’d say “originally published on” with a link to your blog. We’ll feature it on the homepage for a week and in the SPORTS section for longer. If you wanted to re-post your blogs on us ongoing, that would be great. We’d always link back to you.

    I think we get a bit more traffic than you, so it may be a win-win. We average 6000-10000 a day.

    Let me know if you have any questions and if you’re interested.

    Heather Wallace

    Senior Editor


  2. Let me know if you find out about the skuttlebutt…because this enquiring mind wants to know if my tony indeed hauled off and hit Mr. Busch.

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