Daytona Eve

Congratulations to Smoke for his victory in the Camping World 3oo.  This is another victory for Toyota in these many days.  I didn’t get to see any of the race today, but was able to listen to most of it via my Sirius radio.  It’s not the same as sitting in front of the TV, but at least I got to listen to Tony’s victory. Tomorrow is a NASCAR fan’s Christmas.  We have all waited since last November for this day.  We have bought all our new cars, t-shirts, hats.  We have prepared our family and friends.  This is OUR CHRISTMAS!  I am planning to get my housework done.  I am hoping to get all or most of the laundry done as well.  Because once the green flag drops nothing matters.  I will not answer the phone.  Leave a message that’s why I have voicemail.  If you plan to stop by and visit, pull up a chair, but you can ONLY talk to me during the commercials.  If you want to have dinner, it will have to wait until after the race.   So here is to all us NASCAR fans, no matter who you cheer for, we are as one tomorrow.  Let the racing begin! 

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