All I have to say is WOW!

This year’s Daytona 500 was worth the wait.  Congratulations to Ryan Newman and Roger Penske for their first Daytona 500 victory!  I am not a big fan of Ryan Newman, but it was a well deserved victory.

I thought on that last lap Tony was going to win his first Daytona, but alas it was meant to be.  I think when Tony went down to pick up Kyle, it was over with.  Ryan had the run going and his teammate pushing him to the finish line.  I wonder if Kurt was just snickering a little after his meet and greet with Tony during the shootout practice?

I thought this was spectacle that is Daytona was awesome this year.  The pre-race stuff was great.  All the greats came out to celebrate the 50th Daytona.  I had a little sadness in my heart because Dale Sr. wasn’t there, but you know he was there watching it all.  Even the pre-race concerts were good.  I have to say those people who were in the infield for the concert need to get with it.  I didn’t see many people dancing “The Twist”.  I even got up in my living room and did the twist.  It is one of those songs that you can’t help but dance too.  I loved Brooks and Dunn.  I have seen them in concert and they put on a damn fine show.  And when they brought out the #3 during their part of the concert, wow!  Trisha Yearwood sang the national anthem the way it should be.  She didn’t put her little twist on the song or try to make syllables longer than what they were supposed to be.  Thank you.  The “Gentleman Start Your Engines” was ok.  It wasn’t no Kevin James rendition, but who can top his rendition anyway.

Once the green flag dropped it was on.  I was joking with Postman on how funny it would be to see someone other than JGR or Hendrick in victory lane.  And he was right…not a JGR or Hendrick in sight.  In fact the Hendrick team pretty much crapped out.  Jeff left the race with some kind of suspension issue.  Jimmie wasn’t a factor after his meet and greet.  Casey was up front near the end, but when he decided to move up to the outside, he got clipped by Tony and well…that ended his night.  So when it came down to the last laps, Junior’s temmates weren’t there to help.  Junior finished 9th–the highest Chevy.  I have to give major props to the Dodge cars.  They had 6 of them in the top 10.  No one not even me gave Dodge a chance to even challenge for the victory.  It was kind of nice for a change.  Way to go! 

I know there are a lot of people out there in NASCARland who really don’t like Kyle Busch.  For awhile I was one of those people.  But he is growing on me.  He clearly had the fastest car on Sunday, but the best and fastest car doesn’t always win the race.  It’s not where you start, it’s where end the race. 

Now comes the real test…a non-restrictor plate race.  I think California and Vegas will be the real tests to see who has what under their hoods.  Will Ryan Newman and the Dodges be able to carry the momentum from the 500 this weekend?  Or will Roush rise to the top as they seem to do at California?  And we can’t forget JGR and Hendrick.  It will definitely be worth watching this weekend even though I do not like racing at California.

Have a great everyone!

3 thoughts on “Newman!

  1. I feel the same way about Kyle Busch (or KyBu as I like to refer to him). I really think he has potential to be a great driver.

    I was rootin for Tony…he was so so close – the disappointment had to be bad.

  2. My jaw is still sore from dropping to the floor on that last lap! I think it is a good thing that Newman won the 500, because that means the competition should be tight this year. No more talk of Dynasties, this year, at least.

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