I sat down yesterday to watch the race.  Well at least see if it was going to be cancelled until today.  There was a little bit of racing…well they were driving fast around the race track with each other.  I don’t know how much “racing” was really going on.  Casey Mears’ crash was very scary.  And in the race fan’s opinion could have been prevented.  NASCAR knew there was a seepage problem and thought the race could get underway.  Did they take into account what would happen if 43 cars going close to 200 miles would do to these weepers?  I know NASCAR wants to try to get the race in on Sunday because of the fans, sponsors, and so on, but at what cost?  Isn’t NASCAR always touting about the safety of the drivers?   Luckily I will get to watch some racing today because I will have the afternoon off.  It was already planned that way, and I am not taking off because of the race.  Besides if I am going to take off work to watch a race, it will be because I am actually going to the race.

Have a good one….

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