Update on Cali

Carl Edwards won and Tony Stewart won.

Way to go Tony!

I did get to watch the final 25 laps of the Cup race.  Nice pass Cousin Carl.  Luckily this past weekend didn’t turn into a Michigan weekend like we had last year.

I saw a little bit of the N’Wide race.  And what I saw, Smoke pretty much dominated the race.  That’s two for two in N’Wide series for Smoke.

An interesting point…Chevy dominated last year’s races, but who has won the first two Cup races?  A Dodge and a Ford.  I know it is early, but it’s a good sign.

On to Vegas…maybe Lady Luck will be on the boys side this weekend.

Little note on the newest little NASCAR fan, Little Smoke…went to Home Depot and he was able to ride in the Tony “Car”t.  He loved it.  Plus Home Depot has building workshops about every month…in March..it’s build a race car!  So, Little Smoke will be building his own #20 this Saturday.

I’m doing all I can to cultivate the NASCAR nation fanbase.

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