Viva Las Vegas

Congratulations to Kyle Busch for sitting on pole for Sunday’s race.    I know there are lots of people out there who dislike Kyle, but he’s grown on me.  I think he is the right fit for JGR.  He can drive the wheels off his car and has done so literally.  I just finished watching him on Trackside and I have to say he seems happier and having quite a bit of fun.  I think at HMS he was the red headed step-child.  I know Junior is over at HMS now, but Jeff and Jimmie will still be the top drivers at HMS.  Kyle has the spunk to be on the same team as both Tony and Denny.  They are all passionate about racing and winning.  I look for JGR to make a lot of noise this year.  Watch out HMS and everyone else that’s JGR crossing the finish line!

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