168…no it’s not how fast I was driving today or how much I owe in Girl Scout cookies.  It’s the amount of hours since Little Smoke has been living with Postman and myself.  He has been a God send to us. About two years ago I began the fertility adventure in the hopes that I would get pregnant.  After several cycles, I decided this wasn’t the road I wanted to continue down.  It was so emotionally draining for me especially after my last cycle.  I was devastated.  For several months I wanted to be childless.  Postman and I could do whatever we wanted without worrying about little ones.  But after much thought and hanging out with some friends with children I realized I wanted to be a mom.  Postman and I looked at all of our options including more fertility rounds, but ultimately we decided to adopt.  We decided to go through the state to adopt.  Postman and I knew there were lots of kids who needed a good home and a chance for a better life.  This road was daunting with lots of paperwork (did I mention we were working with a state agency?) and lots of hoops to jump through in order to be approved as adoptive parents.  In January we were approved and now here we are.I don’t usually write too much about my personal life here in The Park, but this past week has been some of the most rewarding days of my life.  

2 thoughts on “168

  1. How about some posts that are password-protected? That way your out-of-town “family” (i.e. ME) can keep abreast of the happenings AND you can keep a blog-legacy for El Smoke-ito and his/your/OUR new family!!! *grin*

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