Jackpot! We Have A Winner!

That’s two in a row for Mr. Edwards and 20 bonus points he has racked up already. I thought the end of the race was going to be a shootout between Jeff, Matt, Carl and yes perhaps Junior. Unfortunately I didn’t get the ending I wanted. Jeff tapped Matt which sent Matt’s car spinning like a roulette wheel and Jeff’s into the inside wall. After the smoke cleared, Jeff’s radiator was sitting in the middle of the track and his car well, pretty much scrap metal. It was definitely a vicious hit for Jeff. After the race was red flagged, we got under way and Carl crossed the finish line for his second win a row.

I have to say I didn’t pay that much attention to the race after Tony’s crash midway through the race. Tony’s crash was scary looking. When the emergency crews helped him out of his car, he looked hurt. I am sure he was sore from yesterday’s crash with Reutiman in the Nationwide race. Tony will definitely be feeling it in the morning. He finished 43rd. Tony definitely crapped out in Vegas this weekend.

Much of the talk this weekend was about Kyle Busch. He was the home town boy coming home to race at his home track. You could tell he wanted to win at LVMS. He had great shot yesterday until he blew a tire and slammed into the wall. He also had a shot today as well. After all he was starting from the pole. But as the reporters kept telling us today, no driver has won from the pole at Vegas so the odds were against him from the beginning. Like I said after Tony was gone from the race, I didn’t pay all that much attention to the race. Kyle finished 11th. Not bad, but probably not the spot he wanted to finish. He is now second in the points behind Carl Edwards.

Speaking of standings where is last year’s champion? I believe he is sitting in 14th while Jeff sits in 22nd. Not the way the two dominant drivers from last year wanted to start out 2008. But we have only finished 3 races. There is still quite a bit of racing to do. Let’s review…3 races…and no HMS winner…or Chevy driver has won. Just some observations…

I have to say Mark Martin is a one of the classiest racers on the circuit. After running into Carl towards the end of the N’Wide race on Saturday, the first thing Martin did in victory lane was apologize for his actions. Postman even said the minute Mark got out of his car he would apologize. Mark is a clean and hard racer. I don’t think he would purposely knock some out to win a race. Of course, maybe during last year’s Daytona. He was racing for the win. Even Carl couldn’t be mad at Mark. I wish all drivers would take a page from the Mark Martin book of racing.The boys get to head back to the East side of the country…Atlanta.

Update on Little Smoke…he got to build his own Tony Stewart car yesterday at one of our local Home Depots. He had a great time. Too bad they didn’t have a workshop for the adults..he he. He played with it all day! During the N’Wide race, he kept looking for the orange #20. I explained to him that his car for the race was going to be red. When I said there was Tony Stewart’s car on the television set, he stopped to look for him. I am raising this boy right!

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