Texas Motor Speedway

I am usually getting ready about this time of year to head off to TMS, but alas I am going to have to stay home and watch the races again.  I am hoping (fingers and toes crossed) I can make the trek in November. 

I haven’t been to any other track on the circuit, but I have to say Eddie Gossage and the folks at TMS know how to do it right. 

If you are headed down this way, here are a few little tidbits/trivia about TMS

  • 1.5 mile oval with 24 degrees of banking in the turns
  • 1,656 women’s restrooms
  • 843 men’s restrrooms
  • Pit road length is 800 feet
  • TMS is the first speedway ever to dsiplay the lasp in the race counting down and counting up.
  • Has enough permanent lighting to illuminate 11 NFL stadiums
  • In one year, there are enough hot dogs sold to go around the 1.5 oval six times–that’s nine miles
  • Eight Texas Stadiums will fin in the infield of TMS

I guess you could say we do it BIG in Texas.  Of course that’s how we do things in Texas.

[rockyou id=108384779&w=426&h=319]

2 thoughts on “Texas Motor Speedway

  1. Hey Trixie, here I just stopped by to tell you to have fun at the race, only to find you won’t be able to make it this time. I really need to get around more.
    We have some new members at NASCAR Bloggers Full Throttle and I think I am about ready to step things up there. Check it out and and add any input or suggestions you care to add. Okay, I see you already have Monte Dutton’s blog on your sidebar, so I don’t need to tell you about that.
    I have a feeling Smoke is about ready to win one. Go Smoke!

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