Rockin’ & Rollin’

I have been out of commission the last few days. Apparently I have some vicious upper respiratory infection. It’s more viral than bacterial, so basically I am on my own. I swear I don’t have any lungs left because I have been coughing them up the last two days. I have coughed and/or sneezed so much my back is very sore. So maybe it was a good thing I am not at the race this weekend. But you know, I still would have gone if given the opportunity. Please…I am a rabid NASCAR fan.

I was checking out Cup qualifying yesterday and caught the tail end of the #00 crash. YIKES!!!!! I have never seen a crash like that a Texas that I can recall. I am glad Michael McDowell was able to walk away from this horrific crash. The safer barrier did its job. There were showing where the car hit the wall in Turn 1 and you could tell the damage to the foam. I have to give kudos to the workers in quickly repairing the wall. It was about a little over an hour (I guess that is quickly). I still have to OUCH, every time I watch the video. This is why SAFETY is so important to NASCAR these days. Michael is able to walk away with barely a scratch to race another day.

3 thoughts on “Rockin’ & Rollin’

  1. Good luck with that infection – I have it along with some sort of bacterial nasal infection too. The combo of the two really knocked the wind out of my sails let me tell you.

    The wreck was harsh, to say the least. I’m just glad that he was able to walk away from it like he did. I don’t think he would have though if this were to have happened 7 yrs ago.

  2. Feel better soon, that bug is awful (I have a cubicle mate who hasn’t stopped coughing for a month now) … The COT sure seems like a safer car, if McDowell’s crash is any evidence. Whatta wreck. Safer cars, perhaps, but they sure slipped all over the track on Sunday.

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